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Labels printed on all kinds
of paper or film, with permanent
or removable glue, with varnish
or foil stamping or lamination,
in CMYK or true colors.

2-ply or 3ply labels.

Booklet labels with integrated
book or flip out pages.

Your partner for labels

Our mission and strategy

Our mission

MC-Line – your partner for labels! We produce self-adhesive labels in high quality and with outstanding service in support and logistics. By training of our employees, by networking among our sites and coordination of their capacities each site can offer to our customers all products of our group.

Our strategy

MC-Line will establish a label production in Marburg and grow it to a mid sized company.
In parallel we will participate and by shares of other label printing companies. Our general managers are often shareholders of the local companies and run their sites as they were their own.
By our expertise in print technology and management and by coordination of all sites in purchasing, sales, technical development and product innovation each site will grow efficiently to the benefit of our customers, our employees and our investors.

MC-Line – your Partner for labels

Our customers








We deliver our products to medium sized and big customers from:

Our customers are mainly in Germany. We plan to export to Austria and Switzerland, as we already have experiences in logistical aspects.

Hygiene- and GMP-requirements we respect in our production. Already in the choice of materials, inks, print processes and tools we apply the customer requests and specification to avoid any risk already in the early stage of offerings and order entry.

The offers and orders are entered in our system, together and linked with the RFPs and customer orders. All emails, which we receive from or send to the customers are stored electronically and linked to the respective orders. By this we establish transparency and retracability.

The retracability continues in the production, of course! All materials and finished goods are identified by a barcode. Before the use of any material the barcodes are scanned. In case of the wrong material the employees gets an alarm by the system.
Of course, we store all material information about vendor lot number and date in the order.

About MC-Line GmbH

MC-Line was founded by Dietrich and Robert Maegerlein in March 2019.
Together they have more than 50 years of experiences in printing companies, especially label production.


MC-Line invests in HP Indigo

MC-Line invests in proven HP Indigo-Technology

MC-Line is setting ambitious goals of growth and invests in proven HP Ingigo-technology. Our comapny was founded by Dietrich and Robert Mägerlein only in March 2019. Both founders together have more than 50 years of experiences in the printing…
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